Ear Accessory : Plug / Tunnel / Tube / Heavy-G / Expander

Flesh Tunnel

Flesh Tunnel (Anodize Black)

Flesh Tunnel (Anodize Gold)

Flesh Tunnel (Anodize Blue)

Flesh Tunnel (Anodize Green)

Flesh Tunnel (Anodize Purple)

Flesh Tunnel (Anodize Rainbow)

Flesh Tunnel w/ Jewel

Flesh Tunnel
(Anodize Black w/ Jewel)

Flesh Tunnel
(Anodize Gold w/ Jewel)

Logo Fit Tunnel
(Star, Cross, Spade, Heart)

Logo Fit Tunnel
Anodize Black
(Star, Cross)



BCR Heavy Guage w/ Spring ball

BCR w/ Spring ball (Anodize)

Circular Heavy Guage

Circular Heavy Guage (Anodize)

Double Flare Tube

Single Flare Tube

Flesh Tube w/ O-ring


Double Flare Tube
Internal Thread

Double Flare Tube
Internal Thread
(Anodize Black)

UV Silicone Flesh Tunnel

UV Spiral Plug

UV Acrylic Flesh Tunnel

UV Plug

UV Expander
UV Claw

Please be noted that pictures in this page are only sample of our products.
There are still much more designs that we can supply. Please contact us.


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