Silver Chain : All designs are available in different thickness and length.

DBC030 : Ball Chain

DBC030 : Ball Diamond Cut

DMC020 : Mix Ball Chain

DMC020 : Mix Cut Ball Chain

DCO035 : Cleo Chain

DCM015 : Camilla Chain

DDS030 : Disc Chain

DBC301 : Figaro Ball Chain

DPN030 : Peanut Chain

DOC030 : Oval Chain

DCY020 : Barrelled Chain

DRL050 : Rollo Chain

DCC040 : Cable Chain

DCA035 : Cable Angle Chain

DCH085 : Cable Hammered Chain

DRC050 : Round Cable Chain

DFS070 : Foxtail Square Chain

DFT100 : Foxtail Twisted Chain

DFC100 : Foxtail Diamond Cut Chain

DFR115 : Foxtail Round Chain

DLR035 : Loose Rope Chain

DRP040 : Rope Chain

DBB019 : Box Chain

DBX019 : Box Diamond Cut Chain

DBXB15 : Venetian & Bead Chain

DLX022 : Long Box Chain

DMX040 : Medium Box Chain

DSC040 : Single Curb Chain

DGD110 :
Single Curb Diamond Cut Chain

DGDB35 :
Single Curb Diamond Cut & Bead Chain

DTS040 : Single Spot Curb Chain

DTD040 : Double Spot Curb Chain

DFD047 : Flat Double Curb Chain

DOS050 : Oval Single Curb Chain

DHD063 : Hammered Double Curb Chain

DST040 : Serpentine Chain

DSS060 : Flat Double Serpentine Chain

DSV040 : Oval Serpentine Chain

DSK040 : Snake round Chain

DSQ040 : Snake Square Chain

DSQD40 : Snake Square Diamond Cut

DS8D40 : Snake 8-Side Chain

DSF040 : Snake Flat Chain

DSD840 : Snake 8-Side Diamond Cut

DSO040 : Snake Oval Chain

DSBD40 : Bevelled Snake Diamond Cut

DOM013 : Omega Chain

DOM013 : Omega 8-Side Cut Chain

DWR0610 : Wire Chain

DLM040 : LumaChina Chain

DSP040 : Singapore Chain

DWC063 : Wave Chain

DTR080 : T-Round Chain

DRH040 : R-Hammered Chain

DDC040 : Double Cable Chain

DFG040 : Figaro 3+1 Chain


Please be noted that pictures in this page are only sample of our products.
There are still much more designs that we can supply. Please contact us.


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